KHAT companies over the years has been committed to the chassis set-up ability accumulation, relying on strong in the CAE analysis ability and the reliable test platform, and with many famous foreign technology consulting company for strategic cooperation, have a strong competitive advantage in the field of calibration, success and technology center, Beijing automotive research institute, tianjin faw xiali, geely automobile, hippocampus group signed the calibration program.
The electronic suspension system of KHAT is developed based on the V process of general automobile industry, which can provide a full set of customized solutions from model planning, function definition, matching design, test verification, calibration and adjustment to mass production and supply for the main engine plant.
To develop and deliver a professional K&C test bed to meet the r&d needs of vehicle enterprises, it is necessary to have a strong vehicle dynamics and electromechanical integration technology background. Therefore, KHAT is still the only vehicle K&C test bed development and supplier in China.


Make unremitting efforts for national automobile technology rise up

Prof. Konghui Guo, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, doctoral advisor

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